4G Filters

The hype, the gossip and the science of it all.

Seems simple enough…. Plug this in and it will fix everything! Just like a home gym will make you fit and healthy. Might work for some and it always works one the sales floor. If your going to ask a sales person about these then you might also ask for a double your money back warranty.

Why would you need one and what do they do? Basically 4G uses some frequency’s that are within the old analogue TV channels, towers and devices can overload your system in a seemingly random way.

Tea Gardens Antennas has been using antennas that incorporate 4G filtering for several years and before the 700mhz 4g band was active in this area.

Small cell phone towers for Telstra and Optus have been installed in Hawks Nest in late 2021 delivering fantastic coverage for phone and data in the area. While delivering modern-day connectivity they have caused trouble with old and low quality antennas. Very simple if it’s old, broken or non-compliant with current standards your going to miss some of the football, news and/or your favourite soapy.

Why can’t we just plug one of these in and solve the problem? In some rare cases it can but it’s a gamble unless you have a spectrum analyser handy to check that is indeed your problem.

Prevention is better than a cure. Current antenna designs filter and are tuned for a lower frequency reducing any possible trouble. Current masthead amplifiers also filter and do not amplify the wrong signals.

In Hawks Nest the Telstra small cell can push signal levels over 90db and your TV signal from Gan Gan will likely be around 50db at the antenna. In cases levels are equal or less in-line filters will work fine. Like sound the levels in different scenario’s matter. You can’t whisper at a rock concert and in this case your TV or device can’t decode a TV signal reliably from a tower far away if a nearby tower is making more noise than the device can logically understand.

The 90/50 comparison doesn’t seem big but we need to take into account every increase of 10 dB on the decibel scale is equal to a 10-fold increase in sound pressure level. Near silence is expressed as 0 dB but a sound measured at 10 dB is actually 10 times louder so 40db is huge. If we still use sound as with our example the 4G signal is not just louder it is very close to the same pitch as the TV signal. This is the real kicker, can you hear 2 people talking at the same time? What if these 2 people are young and old or male and female with completely different pitch at the same volume. What if the 2 people are twins with seemingly identical voices but one is very close and one is distant? You can’t decode the quiet one, sometimes not when they are different! Technology can in most cases but now you might see the unseen extremes your TV and devices are exposed to!

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