Our Vision

Is to provide a new level of antenna services. Not just another antenna service. We can provide a reliable long-term solution for domestic and commercial TV reception. New install or upgrade of existing we can provide a 5 year warranty with no evening or summer outage.

Our Story

Experience, knowledge and attitude are the building blocks important to understand the future. 50 years experience is not applicable to current digital tv standards and the highest level of education is can not terminate the connections.

Having installed and audited installs all around Australia and New Zealand adding to years of local experience i have been able to see what works best today and what works best over time.

One rule for all is compliance. There exists an unlimited supply of myth and misinformation regarding TV reception quality but in the end key is compliance. Quality products don't work if not installed correctly, cheap products will work fine for an unknown period of time until they fail. Assuring compliance with manufacturer and broadcast standards, recommendations not just for today but tomorrow is the future-proof attitude.